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  • We offer individual and holistic support. 

  • We work relational to improve relations. We consider: leadership, team effectiveness, structure and body. Our broad range of experience including a medical perspective helps us support you in a very flexibel way: just for you, just in time.

  • We offer a process, not a selection of tools only. Evaluation tools can assess your situation and measure impact.

Assessing the psychosocial safety climate (PSC4)

For each statement, please indicate how this statement applies in your company on a scale of 1 – 5.

1. does not apply at all
2. rather not true
3. partially true
4. rather true
5. completely true

1. The management is involved in preventing stress in the company.
2. The management considers the mental health of employees to be just as important as the performance of the company.
3. Communication among employees on the subject of “mental health” is good in our company.
4. In our company, the prevention of stress is a joint task in which the entire company works together.

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Three questions are guidung us:

1. how big is the problem in your company?
2. how can we measure it?
3. how do we proceed?

Individually tailored to you and customer-oriented – Broad, holistic specialist knowledge including a medical perspective

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Your partner for burnout prevention, measures against burnout and healty conditions for your employees.

Beatrice Sigrist, Ph.D., PCC, SEP

Coach for executives and their teams with 20 years of experiences, specialized in leadership, team and resilience.

Dr. Beatrice Sigrist, PCC, SEP
Lille Springall Ph.D.

Occupational and organizational psychologist, Coach and naturopath, with a track record in workshop and group coaching delivery.

Dr. Lille Springall
Dr. med. Dipl. theol. Michael Pfaff

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, former Head physician at Clinica Holistica Engiadina, specializing in stress-related illnesses and burnout.

Dr. med. Dipl. theol. Michael Pfaff